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"Writing The Minds Behind The Games" w/ author Patrick Hickey Jr - BenjaCon 2021 Mr Benjas ADD Experience #23

Most people can't get control of their creative work. Patrick Hickey Jr shows you it can be done. Benja and Patrick go over the pressures of development that developer...

"All Creatives Need Marketing" w/ Eddie Phanichkul (BenjaCon 2021) - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #20

There is serious disconnect amongst creatives when it comes to the marketing/sales/branding side of things. Entrepreneur and Marketer Eddie Phanichkul has worked with ...

"Full Sail Game Dev Ahoy!" w/ Technical Game Designer John Diaz - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #21

What's it like taking the journey from East Coast schools to the game industry on the West Coast (and Texas). He gets real on game development challenges, getting in, ...

"Fashionably Creative Ex-Game Devs" w/ Raphael Phillips, 3D Sculptor and Concept Artist - BenjaCon 2021 Mr Benja's ADD Experience #22

As essential teammates on Rockstar Games Presents: Table Tennis, Raph and Benja worked together to create one of the most groundbreaking games of the time. Then they g...

"Instigating A Fight On Show Vs Business" ft Theo Harvey, Businessman (BenjaCon 2021) - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #24

Businessman, entrepreneur, and digital health advocate, Theo Harvey talks about technology, podcasting, and building a business while balancing creative. He is also th...

"Classic Game Designs On New Platforms" w/ Lead Game Designer Jeff Junio (BenjaCon 2021) - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #16

CLASSIC creative vibes with the original con photographer, inventive game designer for mobile and console, deejay, runner, and diplomat of social situations.

"How To Be An Amazing Camper/Publisher/Vlogger/Ex-Realtor/Author" w/ Holly Stacey (BenjaCon 2021) - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #19

Author, course creator, camper, publisher, nature lover, and poly-creative Holly Stacey joins us for our first morning session to talk about creating in multiple lanes...

"Bringing Comic Con Home" w/ Nerdcore Artist and Entrepreneur Nasty-O (BenjaCon 2021) - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #18

Take the San Diego Comic Con experience to the next level by bringing it home, literally. Nerdcore musician and entrepreneur Nasty-O takes us into the world of nerdcor...

"Beer, Marketing, and Art" w/ Aubree Miller aka The Tiny Nightmare (BenjaCon 2021) - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #15

What's a beer mistress? Hear how marketer, artist, and beer mistress Aubree Miller (aka Tiny Nightmare) approaches marketing, creativity, art, and development. We hear...

Do You Even Own That NFT? w Johnny Tran of Thumbprint Gallery | Mr Benja's ADD Experience 012

I got into an online discussion about NFTs and Johnny Tran of thumbprint Gallery got in the mix. There was some confusion and good questions brought up about what exac...

Mr Benja's Appearance on the "Out Of Play Area" Podcast w/ John Diaz [mbadd 12]

The most revealing look into my game development journey and times in the industry. We also get into why I said game design is dead. Reposted with permission from the ...

QB 09 - How I Quit Drinking Sodas - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #11

I quit drinking sodas a while back. Here's a little story how I did that.

QB 8 - 2020 Outro

Goodbye 2020. Here are my thoughts leading into 2021.

Raphael Phillips: Pandemic Level Level Energies - ADD 009

If you don't know, Raphael is one of the more interesting friends. We speak about a number of things, including social media, leaving Facebook, sales/marketing, art de...

Benjacon 2020 Announcement | ADD 008

Thoughts on what Comic Con means now that my favorite holiday, the San Diego Comic Con, isn't happening because of Covid-19.

2020 Pt 2 | ADD 007

See http://mrbenja.com for other stuff. 2020 Pt 2 is in full swing and we're all adjusting and readjusting. Get with it.

Quick Bits 7 - BenjaCon Continues

Quick update on BenjaCon. It'll continue to be a thing. Updates will happen over time.

10 Rap Albums That Changed My Life | ADD 006

These aren't the best rap albums or the most influential, or the top-selling, but these are just 10 rap albums that changed my life for some reason or another. I wante...

Quick Bit 1 - Low Level Anxiety

A quick bit on anxiety and a smaller version audio that I generally put out to social media.

Creative Artistry w/ Marcellus Barnes | ADD 005

Discussion w/ character artist Marcellus Barnes as we make our way through this Coronavirus madness.

The Secret Podcast Agenda Explained | ADD 004

I go over the basics of this podcast and what A.D.D. really means. SPOILER ALERT: It stands for Art, Development, Design. So if you think about it, entendres all around.

Quarantine Creations w/ Patrick Hickey Jr | ADD 003

I thought he wasn't going to be on, because he was awaiting the arrival of his new baby, but suddenly a message came through! Author Patrick Hickey Jr. wanted to do a ...

The Sketchbook Process | ADD 002

In this podcast, I talk about the process I use for taking down ideas and filling up my sketchbooks that may or may not have anything to do with anything I'm trying to...

On Living Digital | ADD 001

Sat down to have a chat online with the people. This was totally unplanned, but felt fun. Talked about Facebook, Travis Scott, and Digital Health.

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