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Raphael Phillips: Pandemic Level Level Energies - ADD 009

If you don't know, Raphael is one of the more interesting friends. We speak about a number of things, including social media, leaving Facebook, sales/marketing, art development, design, and therapy. It gets wild. NOTE: Please excuse the audio. We had to get the recording done, but the information in the podcast is worth it anyway.

Benjacon 2020 Announcement | ADD 008

Thoughts on what Comic Con means now that my favorite holiday, the San Diego Comic Con, isn't happening because of Covid-19.

2020 Pt 2 | ADD 007

See http://mrbenja.com for other stuff. 2020 Pt 2 is in full swing and we're all adjusting and readjusting. Get with it.

Quick Bits 7 - BenjaCon Continues

Quick update on BenjaCon. It'll continue to be a thing. Updates will happen over time.

10 Rap Albums That Changed My Life | ADD 006

These aren't the best rap albums or the most influential, or the top-selling, but these are just 10 rap albums that changed my life for some reason or another. I wanted to put the list out there. It was on my mind, so it happened...

Quick Bit 1 - Low Level Anxiety

A quick bit on anxiety and a smaller version audio that I generally put out to social media.

Creative Artistry w/ Marcellus Barnes | ADD 005

Discussion w/ character artist Marcellus Barnes as we make our way through this Coronavirus madness.

The Secret Podcast Agenda Explained | ADD 004

I go over the basics of this podcast and what A.D.D. really means. SPOILER ALERT: It stands for Art, Development, Design. So if you think about it, entendres all around.

Quarantine Creations w/ Patrick Hickey Jr | ADD 003

I thought he wasn't going to be on, because he was awaiting the arrival of his new baby, but suddenly a message came through! Author Patrick Hickey Jr. wanted to do a for a surprise appearance with the new podcast!

The Sketchbook Process | ADD 002

In this podcast, I talk about the process I use for taking down ideas and filling up my sketchbooks that may or may not have anything to do with anything I'm trying to create right now.

On Living Digital | ADD 001

Sat down to have a chat online with the people. This was totally unplanned, but felt fun. Talked about Facebook, Travis Scott, and Digital Health.

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