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"Adapting To The Winds Of Change" - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #43

Adapting to the winds of change and changing our discussions to reflect what is happening with creatives right now.

"7 Things Creators Get Wrong About Branding" - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #42

Creators tend to run away from the branding side of things, but that's usually because they have things wrong about what it means to brand themselves. Here are 7 things that creators wrong about branding.

"8 Ways to Stay Sane on Social Media" - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #41

Having problems with social media? Well there are some things that you can do about it. My introverted self has come up with 8 Ways to Stay Sane on Social Media. Maybe they can help you out too.

"Resolutions 2022 Throwback" - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #40

Remember resolutions? We're about halfway through 2022 and I KNOW by now you've forgotten about them. Here's a refresher.

"It Is What It Is..." or Is It? - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #39

Why do people hate the phrase "It Is What It Is"? Why do people love it? Recently, I've had a revelation about what it says to creators.

"To Manifest and To Release" w/ Dynise Espeleta - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #38

Dynise is a manifesting spirit that has gone from corporate real estate as a director of marketing and now finds herself as the CEO of Charming Wonders, where she works in travel and events. We met up when she was coordinating community art murals and now she's here telling her story.

"Is Your Resolution Productive?" w/ Al Abut - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #37

Al is an Augmented Reality developer and designer. Now that 2021 has come to an end, we figured it was a good time to talk about resolutions and productivity. We get into some tips and tricks for being productive, some resources for you, and some discussion on those gurus that think they know shit? Does anyone know what they hell they're doing when it comes to success at anything? Does Gary Vee count?

"The Game Developer's Game Developer" w/ Tony Barnes - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #36

From Electronic Arts to Rockstar Games to Lucasarts and beyond, Tony Barnes joins in to discuss game development ups and downs as well as how he's kept going after three decades of iconic work. To some, he is the game developer's game developer. Acting as game designer, director, producer, coder, artist, and musician, Tony has pretty much seen it all, and he's STILL going strong.

"Keep The Bells Ringing" w/ Derek Bell - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #35

Navy vet, software analyst, FAMU alum, wellness advocate, public speaker, and Florida Man discusses what it's like to rise up in the Sunshine State and how one can create their own way forward.

"The Solution is DO IT" w/ Michael Krehan - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #34

Michael Krehan joins The ADD Experience! Programmer, film director, photographer, family man, and Tough Mudder stops by to discuss times in Germany, Rockstar Games, and Google. . Do it.

"Overcoming Your Fears w/ Horror and Art" w/ Leyla Havok - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #33

Horror, art, cute, goth, sexy, and driven all describe the creative known as Leyla Havok. She speaks on her fascination with horror, anime, art, and not stopping with her creative process. And why she started doing art events in Arizona, Las Vegas, and California all at once.

"Epic Dune Discussion" w/ Donnie, Andy, and Al - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #32

DUNE! The name sparks such epic discussions that we had to have one of our own. Theater producer Andy Lowe, game developer Donnie Cornwell, and AR engineer Al Abut join Mr Benja for an epic discussion of the new Denis Villaneuve film, the books, and the philosophical/social meanings behind it all.

"Creating What You've Never Created Before" w/ Todd Kruse - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #31

Creative technology moves forward. Artist and creative Todd Kruse just jumps in it. We talk NFTs, 3D Printing, Facebook, Clubhouse, and where the future could lead us.

"Into the Metaverse...Kind Of" w/ Al Abut - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #28

Metaverse discussion with Augmented Reality developer and designer Al Abut. We talk about Dune, augmented / virtual realities, social media corporations, going to school, and why San Diego gets called lame.

"Game Devs w/ Secrets About The Future" w/ Donnie Cornwell - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #30

Donnie Cornwell is a game developer, family, man and interesting thinker. He talks on launching kids into today, how he decided to ditch art for game design, looking back at his experience at Rockstar Games. Facebook taking over the Internet. And a lot more that I haven't typed here.

"Plot vs Character: The Arch Nemesis Face-Off" w/ Andy Lowe - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #29

Andy Lowe is Director of Productions at East / West Players, the nation's longest-running professional theatre of color in the country and the largest producing organization of Asian American artistic work. He is also Mr Benja's creative arch-nemesis. We argue about working through the the pandemic, plot vs character, The Hero's Journey, and much more.

"What Ex-Rockstars Talk About" w/ Ryan Dormanesh - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #26

Ryan Dormanesh worked at Rockstar Games in QA on the infamous Table Tennis project. He talks about getting into the industry via test, creating Unity games, the future of gaming, NFTs being the next big thing, and living a sensible life in the games industry.

"Video Game Networking In Epic Taverns" w/ Tomo Moriwaki, CCO of HyperKinetic Studios - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #27

Tomo Moriwaki is the CCO (Chief Creative Officer) of video game developers, Hyperkinetic Studios. We talk about networking and creatively getting around the strangeness of video game industry.

"Becoming A Hot Nerd Girl" ft Hot Nerd Girl Tracy - BenjaCon 2021 - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #25

How does one go about becoming a hot nerd girl that's beloved by fellow Trekkies, Cosplayers, and nerds all over? Find out what it's like being on the scene today and how the podcasting life is going.

"Military Creative Discipline" w/ Illustrator and Artist Joshua Moreno - BenjaCon 2021 - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #17

Joshua Moreno is a Long Beach artist with military experience that talks about discipline, trying new things, and getting art done. Freelancing, illustration, running a DTG clothing operation, and the creative path are all covered.

"Writing The Minds Behind The Games" w/ author Patrick Hickey Jr - BenjaCon 2021 Mr Benjas ADD Experience #23

Most people can't get control of their creative work. Patrick Hickey Jr shows you it can be done. Benja and Patrick go over the pressures of development that developers place on themselves and how it can make better creatives...if we take control.

"All Creatives Need Marketing" w/ Eddie Phanichkul (BenjaCon 2021) - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #20

There is serious disconnect amongst creatives when it comes to the marketing/sales/branding side of things. Entrepreneur and Marketer Eddie Phanichkul has worked with creatives for years and tells us all about it.

"Full Sail Game Dev Ahoy!" w/ Technical Game Designer John Diaz - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #21

What's it like taking the journey from East Coast schools to the game industry on the West Coast (and Texas). He gets real on game development challenges, getting in, and making it in this game world creatively. And what is a “designer” anyway?

"Fashionably Creative Ex-Game Devs" w/ Raphael Phillips, 3D Sculptor and Concept Artist - BenjaCon 2021 Mr Benja's ADD Experience #22

As essential teammates on Rockstar Games Presents: Table Tennis, Raph and Benja worked together to create one of the most groundbreaking games of the time. Then they got creative. They cover streetwear fashion, the difficulties in creating games, mastery of their creative crafts, and social shenanigans.

"Instigating A Fight On Show Vs Business" ft Theo Harvey, Businessman (BenjaCon 2021) - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #24

Businessman, entrepreneur, and digital health advocate, Theo Harvey talks about technology, podcasting, and building a business while balancing creative. He is also the founder of Show Vs Business along with Mr Benja. They're also college roommates.

"Classic Game Designs On New Platforms" w/ Lead Game Designer Jeff Junio (BenjaCon 2021) - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #16

CLASSIC creative vibes with the original con photographer, inventive game designer for mobile and console, deejay, runner, and diplomat of social situations.

"How To Be An Amazing Camper/Publisher/Vlogger/Ex-Realtor/Author" w/ Holly Stacey (BenjaCon 2021) - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #19

Author, course creator, camper, publisher, nature lover, and poly-creative Holly Stacey joins us for our first morning session to talk about creating in multiple lanes and how she can get from start to finish effectively.

"Bringing Comic Con Home" w/ Nerdcore Artist and Entrepreneur Nasty-O (BenjaCon 2021) - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #18

Take the San Diego Comic Con experience to the next level by bringing it home, literally. Nerdcore musician and entrepreneur Nasty-O takes us into the world of nerdcore music and being an entrepreneur.

"Beer, Marketing, and Art" w/ Aubree Miller aka The Tiny Nightmare (BenjaCon 2021) - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #15

What's a beer mistress? Hear how marketer, artist, and beer mistress Aubree Miller (aka Tiny Nightmare) approaches marketing, creativity, art, and development. We hear how she manages all her creative hats. . This is the first of several discussions that we had this year for BenjaCon. Come back for more!

Do You Even Own That NFT? w Johnny Tran of Thumbprint Gallery | Mr Benja's ADD Experience 012

I got into an online discussion about NFTs and Johnny Tran of thumbprint Gallery got in the mix. There was some confusion and good questions brought up about what exactly is owned and being sold with NFTs. And just like the rest of the world, we still aren't sure, because everything can change and no one has a clue what will happen.

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