"Being Creative About Your Health" w/ Dr Kya R Robottom (BenjaCon 2022) - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #45

Dr Kya R Robottom joins as Mr Benja's FIRST family member on the podcast. Learn from a healthcare professional what it means to be creative with your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

2022-08-02 BenjaCon Dr Kya R Robottom (audio mix)

[00:00:00] Benja: Here we go. Here we go. Ladies and gentlemen, BenjaCon 2022 continues. This is your boy, Mr. Benja glad to be here doing more episodes of Mr. Ben's add experience live. That's the name of the podcast I'm happy to have today. Dr. Kya Robottom she's gonna be on in just a couple seconds. We're gonna get into some things talking about, you know, we're gonna be talking about, it's going to be about life spirituality, business.

This is a special one because I've never had a family member on here before, so it's gonna be a definite treat. And if you haven't been catching up with the rest of them, be sure to check out my website, mrbenja dot com or to see me here on Instagram and find out when the rest of 'em are taking place. But I know that Dr Robottom is a very busy person and keeps it moving.

So I'm gonna keep it moving and go ahead and get her on here right now. And we can get this thing started.

[00:00:52] Dr Robottom: Hello. Hello.

[00:00:54] Benja: And there it goes. Just like that. We're talking.

How are you? I'm doing great. I'm doing excellent.

How are you?

[00:01:02] Dr Robottom: I am, well, I cannot complain, you know, we just have to do what we do,

[00:01:06] Benja: right. That's it. That's it. I'm glad to see you glad to see you here.

[00:01:11] Dr Robottom: Likewise. I like, I love your hair. We haven't caught up in so long. Certainly not like this. So we have been talking that we should get together soon.

So, you know, I'll come out there and we'll do our, you know, we'll go through our stomping grounds again.

[00:01:24] Benja: that's right. yeah. You know, this whole thing kind of started by accident. I was just kind of trying to try out new technologies, talk to different people and it started on Facebook actually and people kind of dug it over there.

So just as a curiosity, I said, well, let me try this thing on Instagram. I jumped on and one of my friends threw a request up kind of like you just did and said, Hey, what's going on? And we just started talking and I was like, let me keep this thing going.

[00:01:55] Dr Robottom: That's awesome. That's awesome.

Alrighty. So like, I, I, we don't have a script.

We don't have anything that looks like, you know, a scripted question, answer session, but I'll definitely let you start since this is your kind of forte that you're doing right now. Yes,

[00:02:15] Benja: exactly. I keep these, I keep these informal, it's kind of fun. People jump in the comments and say things and I, it tends to relax people a little more because of this, this interface it's live it's on Instagram.

It just works better. Okay. So. Just to, just to start it off. This is a, this is a podcast about art design and development and creative people. And you're definitely a person who creates, so I think so very quick. Yes, you are. Very quickly just let us let the people know who you are and kind of what you do.

[00:02:48] Dr Robottom: Well, interestingly, you said that I create, I am actually a scientist. I there's a whole new buzz now about HBCUs. I am a strong alum. I am also a Meharry medical college alum. So if the average person would see me or talk to me and here kind of the path that I took in schooling, they would say I'm a scientist, just a straight scientist.

I do think that I've got an algorithmic brain. So in the way of science, it. But I can, like, I can stay up and on a Sunday afternoon, if I like, if I'm just not stressed and at, at a lot of peace, then I can like come up with images and, you know, stories for my clients for social media. I can, you know, like write a blog, you know, build a website.

Mm-hmm it's for most people when they see me and they say, well, how did you go? You know, because I, so a little bit back, a little bit back, I'm an OB GYN. So I graduated medical school and completed a residency, OB GYN, and I transitioned from O B GYN. And now I'm a retired, I called myself rewired, OB GYN.

So my passion now is really health and wellness for, for children, for as you know, my nonprofit mm-hmm , but for adults in a way that gives them a well-rounded health and wellness approach, which, you know, envelopes. Multiple things. It's not just you exercise, you eat. Right. You know, and you go swimming.

It's a whole, it's a whole life of yeah. Wealth. And so, and that's where the creative creativity comes in for me. Okay.

[00:04:27] Benja: Cause I, you know, you asked me that at one point we were, it was in, it was in San Diego. We were at the pharmacy and I'll get to that story a little bit. Okay. Okay. But I forgot the context of the discussion, but you stopped and said, are you creative?

And it kind of stopped me because I was like, I hope so. Wait, I don't know how to answer that. Cause no one had ever asked me that straight up. So when you hear the word creative, I, I think it means a lot of things, like you said, you said you're a scientist. And I, I definitely think that as well, but like to me, that brings in you know, Tesla who, you know not Tesla Musk, you know, who created Tesla, then it brings in just a lot of other minds, like the guy who The five hour energy guy, you know, he decided to create a new industry, basically, right.

Of these little shot drinks and everything. So, you know, when I heard that my mind started jumping to all these different types of people, and I didn't know what you meant by that. So when you say creative or when you hear creative, what does that bring up to you?

[00:05:29] Dr Robottom: Well, there was a time if you remember correctly, I lived in Chicago mm-hmm and at that time I was a member of the east bank club.

And I remember saying to one of my dearest friends, I was like, I can walk in east bank club naked and leave in a prom dress. So, so creativity to me is having the ability to go in a place or, or be in a place and have the ability to walk out of the place a different person, or see the item in a different perspective.

So in creativity, I'm Creative in obstetric and gynecology. When I was there, you know, I've got gifted hands. So I would, make sure that the, the patients were satisfied in the way of, if I was doing surgery, the only thing my patient saw was the scar, right. Was the incision. So I was like, I'm gonna make sure this incision is delightful, because the only thing that the patients see is the incision slash scar.

Right? Mm-hmm so creativity, there was to make sure that they were satisfied with the only thing they see, because they don't know whether or not I'm good inside the body. Yeah. They know if it's, it lifts good on the outside of the body. So again, if the ability to take something and transform it into something else and that's creativity to me.

Okay. And it can be in a science world, it can be in a drawing world, like at any part in your world, you can be creative.

[00:06:55] Benja: Yeah. Excellent. Excellent. I actually agree with that definition and I, I, no, I love it. I mean, you're. Before. Yeah, I, wasn't gonna jump into this this early, but okay. It's, it's a bit of creating your own reality, like, correct.

Here's the way the world is. I have the energy to rearrange things. I'm going to do that. Boom. I've created something else. Correct. So is that, is that kinda on the vibe

[00:07:19] Dr Robottom: that's that's on the level? Well, you know, like I, you know, I say all the time, I've gotten magical thinking and if I don't have it for myself, I'll make it for myself.

And so I think that again, you know, like this, this conversation, and I touched base with you via email, I was like, you know, we're gonna have to do this more than this one time. There's never, there's just not a way that we'll be able to have our complete conversation kind of go from, you know, 12 to one in your case.

I was like, man, there's so much we can delve back. We can go forward. And so, you know, we just have to understand kind of in my case. Yeah. I mean, it looks like that, but in other ways it doesn't.

[00:07:56] Benja: Okay. Yeah. As far as other conversations go. Yes. Yes, definitely. that's, that's totally fine by me. So this is sure to spark other thoughts.

As I said before, I'm gonna be going back through this and creating the little clips that you've probably seen. So, so people will be able to get gems, learn more about you and what you're up to. And it'll be fabulous. I'm gonna use one of your words. Fabulous.

[00:08:21] Dr Robottom: Okay. And question, are you taping this whole thing?

[00:08:24] Benja: Yes. The whole thing will be

[00:08:24] Dr Robottom: recorded. I need the whole, the recording. Yeah. Yeah. We can hello to everyone out there. I see people. I see cosmic cowboy. I know who that is. Jay fields, two 17. I'm not exactly sure who that is, but hello everybody as you come on. Oh

[00:08:40] Benja: yeah, definitely. Yeah. Any questions?

Comments anybody has throw 'em down there. We'll see about getting to them as we go through. We'll try not to disrupt the flow, but we'll definitely try to address everything that comes up. Sure. If it's, if it's valid, no nonsense. or maybe yes, maybe not. So one thing I wanted to know, we I, I, I was thinking back to like all, all the times where, like, I've, we're we're family and I've known you, but I

[00:09:07] Dr Robottom: think, well, you've known me your whole life because I was there

Yeah, exactly.

[00:09:12] Benja: Right. I think it was definitely at some point though, we were talking and I think I started to see a different side of you and I, it was around ComicCon because I had a whole thing going on during ComicCon and you were down there in San Diego at one point mm-hmm and you were there for a convention.

I forgot what convention it was, but you were

[00:09:37] Dr Robottom: in the remember I lived there for, for Seka. Yeah,

[00:09:40] Benja: you did. You did. No, you lived there, but before that, I believe you there one time. I don't during the San Diego ComicCon and you called me and said, why is there an incredible Hulk on my floor? and I'm guessing there was a guy dressed up as the incredible Hulk, cuz I was dying when you told me this.

And I was like, oh, oh you're that's right. Comic con. And I don't know if you remember that discussion, but it was hilarious to me that yes,

[00:10:12] Dr Robottom: if remember correctly, I went downstairs, I saw a Spider-Man and then I was in my glory. I was like, oh my goodness. I'm like

[00:10:25] Benja: that. I asked you about, we we ended up talking about star wars and you told me about George Lucas. And you told me more about your reading, the stuff you read. And I was like, why have I never asked all these questions before? You know? So that was a very, very interesting time for me cuz I think we really started to have a new relationship after that point.

[00:10:44] Dr Robottom: I have I'm the master of no information, you know, just a whole lot of random facts in my head. .

[00:10:50] Benja: Ah, that's excellent though. So since we're there, do you, when did you start getting into, I don't know if you ever, if you read a lot of fantasy, I don't suppose you do, but you know, you said you you really enjoyed star wars.

What else do you get into that's along the lines of the, the fantasy, the, the, not, I don't know. What do you, what are you into in that? Of course it

[00:11:12] Dr Robottom: has matter. I've read all the books. Of course. There's that's right. Read all of those books. And I went to see Thor yesterday on, on Sunday. And so, you know, my man, Chris Hemsworth, so, you know, that whole thing that we had in LA when we were there going to Chatto, you know, and so, yeah.

Yeah. You know, it's like, I, I, I mean, I don't, I don't know. Captures a person to love sci-fi and fantasy, but I'm the one. And then there was star Trek back in the day mm-hmm . So I watched captain Kirk when it was the box of television that you had to get up and turn the dial, you know? And so it was, you know, the $6 million man bionic woman.

So I, I don't know. I've always been enthralled by the fantasy because, I mean, why do I wanna watch the reality? I mean, I, I live reality, so that's the last thing I wanna re read or watch in the way of my, you know, take me away. Calgon, take me away, Mr. Yeah, take me away.

[00:12:08] Benja: I think that's that's awesome. I think for me, when I was little and getting into, into comic books, I don't know if you remember me bringing my comic books to new Orleans.

Yes, exactly. Stacks. Like when I was reading Spider-Man things like this, I don't know. Some part of me as a kid was thinking, I can do this. This is like a life goal for me, you know, as a kid.

[00:12:30] Dr Robottom: no, I never thought I could be Spider-Man but I do remember, I do remember the theme from Spider-Man. Do you remember the theme from Spider-Man?

[00:12:40] Benja: Yeah. In the Spiderman. Spider-Man

[00:12:43] Dr Robottom: never us spider can, oh yeah. Any size can't you see just like flies look out. Cuz here comes the spider web, the spider and see that's

[00:12:54] Benja: exactly. and see this side of you. A lot of people, a lot of people don't see though. And I love it though. And that's, that's what I think, as I said, when I started understanding that side of you, I was like Dr.

Kia, a bottom is the bomb. I'm I, I love this person. This is awesome. I can talk to you in different ways now, you know, so I I'm so glad that we, we had that in that time together in San Diego and speaking of San Diego, did you there wasn't how, how, how long were you there again

[00:13:28] Dr Robottom: from, let's see, like 2005 when, after hurricane Katrina and I left for good in 2014.

So I would go back and forth between, okay. Chi San Diego, if you remember, after hurricane Katrina, mm-hmm and then little apartment there that I spent most of my time there, but I left for good 14.

[00:13:48] Benja: Okay. Yeah. I remember that. remember that definitely. I definitely remember your dog too. Cool dog Aidan.


[00:13:55] Dr Robottom: Aidan, the wine runner and I still tib right here, like sitting right here, the cat, the cat, everyone. . And how old, how old is tib? He was born in 2013. So he's nine and curmudgeonly. I mean, he is extra something else. He's I mean, he, he doesn't go far. He doesn't go far from me if I'm at home, he's somewhere close and right now he's just looking at me.


[00:14:22] Benja: you, as far as I can remember, you've always had pets around too. What do pets mean to you?

[00:14:28] Dr Robottom: Well, I don't have a husband around, so I guess it means like , I guess it means companionship. I would assume

so, I mean, yeah, I mean, companionship, you know, I'm not here by myself all

[00:14:43] Benja: the time. I get it. I get it.

[00:14:46] Dr Robottom: The eyes are tearing. You guys, whoever's watching I'm crying, laughing

[00:14:54] Benja: but you've, you've had, you've had TES a while. That's that's all GI.

[00:14:58] Dr Robottom: like, I, I think the only time I didn't have an animal was my first few years of residency. So, I mean, I had a dog in medical school. I, I went to Chicago and it was just not, it was just not like reasonable for me to expect to have a dog at the time.

But then as soon as I graduated residency, I got aid in, which was the wine Miran that you remember. And I have now she's a German shepherd. Okay.

[00:15:24] Benja: I don't think I've met that one. Cadence.

[00:15:26] Dr Robottom: Can you come here? Cadence, cadence. She, she hadn't come. She might come. She may have still come. Yeah. She's a beautiful dog.

She was imported from Germany at 14 weeks and speaks German. Oh, like an actual German shepherd. She's a, a Doy town. Yes,

[00:15:44] Benja: nice. Okay. So what with the with the pets, the, and. You know, you you've been going to, you've been living in different cities. You've been you're very art artistic in a lot of ways.

I believe how does that, but, and, and you're a very interesting person. I, I don't even know how to word this almost, but you, you, you are. You're a very interesting and creative spirit. You don't take a lot of nonsense and you're still, you're still a very happy lively person. Mm-hmm do you have any principles that you kind of live by or guide yourself by, because I'm, I'm continually fascinated by you every time I see you doing something, I'm like, okay, what drives this person?

What's kind of their principles about life? Cause I know some people are just like, well, I just wanna get a job. And I just wanna, and it's not very interest. But there's something interesting about you? Oh,

[00:16:41] Dr Robottom: I, I think that if we put them all together, I, I think that, you know, that I'm a member of, of rotary, right?

The rotary club of new Orleans. I'm a member of 12 and I'll be switching to one. Okay. So if, if I kind of add all of the things that I believe about my life, I think that the four way test for rotary kind of points out for me, what makes the most sense? And I'll talk about those in just a. So, you know, I don't wanna get into Christianity or lack of Christianity or what I believe or anything like that.

What I, what I will say as a, as a person, as a human, I believe that I will have to atone for the life that I've lived when I meet my maker, whatever that means, you know, be it spiritual, you know, like I believe in a universe, Jewish, Christian, you know, whatever, whatever I believe in that way, I believe that I will have to atone to my maker.

And so as I just streamline my life, the one thing I ask myself is, am I a good human? Am I a good human? That's really simple. Like, am I a good human? Right. And you know, when I wake up in the morning, I like, I take the dog out. You know, I look at the world, I look at the earth and I'm like, this is so simple.

Like nobody's mad out here. You know, I see the water, I see the, the grass. I see the trees belong or whatnot. So then if I circle back around to the four way test for rotary, and I'm not, I'm not, you know, advertising anyone, I've said a few things I've talked about, you know, like Harry Potter and the Lord of the ring.

So again, rotary is important to me because the four way test is number one. Is it the choice? Let

[00:18:20] Benja: me go back up one second. What exactly is the four way rotary? I'm not sure that that's a

[00:18:24] Dr Robottom: rotary international is a service organization that has committed to serving the community. And we will, as a part of RO rotary, the rotary foundation has basically eliminated polio from the world.

So if you look up what, what the RO, what rotary has done over time since it's invocation, it was, I think it was, let's see, rotary one is a hundred years old. So maybe in 1930 or something like that, don't, don't get me wrong. I, I don't have all the dates in my head, but I will say that it's a service organization.

That's dedicated to kind of moving the world forward. It's it's in all countries of the world. And so I was drawn to it because of the people in my particular club. And so I just, my club is we are, we are kindred spirits, I say. And so it's just, I have to invite you. Okay. You have to, well, we can go when I'm there, we can go to one in LA or, or in wherever, wherever we are.

And I can kind of show you what that looks like.

[00:19:30] Benja: Okay. So you were saying the you're about to begin into the four way test, the first being, but

[00:19:35] Dr Robottom: there are four, there are four items to the four way test. And is it the truth? The second, is it, is it fair to all concern? The third is, will it build good will and better friendships and number four, is, is it beneficial to all concerned?

So I think that when, if you, if you, from, in my mind, you know, before I approach. Settings, you know, or before I go off half snatched as it's called, you know, I ask myself, you know, is it my truth? So, so the first one is, is it the truth, but is it my truth? And so, you know, me, I don't really care what people think about me.

I I'm concerned about my truth. And is it the truth? Is it the truth as I can say it. So again, when you say, Hey, you know, I'm no nonsense. I don't know that I'm no nonsense as much as I'm like, Hey, you know what, if you're not living my truth, it's okay. You just go and live your truth. You just go, you, you know, you just stay in your zone, live your truth.

And then the fourth one is, is it beneficial to all concern? You know, if, if we in life would structure our minds into thinking that we want everybody to do well, none of us struggle for air. So why are we so competitive? Why do we struggle with one another in a way that we can't support one, another, whatever that means, whatever it sounds like, whatever, you know, whatever.

So, you know, We've heard about friends that, you know, stab you in the back. I mean, I've got a D in my back from a friend. Well, why are you here? Like, why are you, why are you saying you're my friend mm-hmm . So it's just, it's just easy for me. If I kind of move along in life, thinking that my space in life is to make sure that I am living the best version of myself, but in addition, I'm able to help other people live the best version of themself.

And that's very important to me.

[00:21:20] Benja: That is, that is excellent. I, I did not expect that. I love it. Okay. So, and this is probably why on your bio? I looked, I looked up some of your locations online and I saw the entrepreneur speaker, et cetera. And I added in health advocate and I think this definitely applies the health of health, of all the, all people, health of obviously yourself and your friends, family, et cetera.

I love that. So with health and wellness and you know, this guiding direction you've got going on you said that you kind of forgot the exact term you used, but you've altered your current direction a little bit to, I wanna say you said wired somehow you re rewired

[00:22:10] Dr Robottom: rewired, OB GYN. Yes. Yes.

Instead of retired I'm

[00:22:13] Benja: rewired. Yes. That was it. Rewired, OB GYN. So now what have you rewired yourself kind of into now? Because that was very practice oriented. A very, you know, it's a, it's a, it's a thing. It's a process. It's a position. And now you're rewiring into what exactly.

[00:22:33] Dr Robottom: So I feel that all of my businesses are in the tree of health and wellness.

Right? Mm-hmm . So if, if anyone who's watching knows about the bottom foundation, it's held in wellness for children. So many of you may or may not know that I have no children of my own. And I just felt like the things in my mind would not, would, would be better spoken and said, and, and executed than in my mind when I laid rest, whenever that would be.

And so, because I was never, you know, blessed with my own children, I, I just felt like I would give back to the, the young ones who are in the most need. And I've often said, you know, it's easy for society to, to say about, you know, a child who hasn't had opportunity that. There aren't intelligent or they don't have any sense or they go to the slow track or they have ADHD.

But like, if there are certain people, certain segments of the population who they think a Bush is a hairstyle, right? So if you think a Bush is a hairstyle and then take the S a T and they ask a Bush is to an X, like a flower is too a stem. They won't say tree or, or they, they, they, they can't even think of it in that logical way because they think of it as a hairstyle.

Mm-hmm so it's really about, okay, so health and wellness, they're, they're seven major components of health and wellness. And for children, I would like my foundation to exemplify those seven areas to the kids that we, that we deal with, children that we deal with. And then in the adult arena, I've got ideal health, ideal health, new Orleans, ideal health, new Orleans.

It's gonna be it's, we're gonna have a, we're gonna have another business. Cause you know, I'm moving back to Chicago, right? It'll be a center located there. And your lead event, as you know, is an executive concierge service. So the executive concierge service it, it houses business consultant. consultancy.

Should I say in most of the areas of wellness? So if a small or medium sized business is struggling, right? Because things are expensive. Let's just say you need a bookkeeper because you have a bucket of receipts. You need someone to help with mail campaigns, you need social. You need, Hey, can you help me with this website?

If you go to individual places to get each of those things done, it could. I mean, I that's, as a, as an OB GYN, I started with that. I had an accountant, I had a lawyer, I had, you know, someone doing my website. I had someone answering my phone calls. And so I was like, I mean, I was like, I will never have any money.

I mean, I give all, I pay all my money to my staff, into like these professionals. And so now as an executive concierge service, we house. The main, like consultancy services that will allow small to medium size businesses, locate one place, have one contact and then have multiple things done in the same house.

And so in the way of health and wellness, it helps them to shut down on Sundays. Right? So instead of working seven days a week, you know, they don't have to have 17 meetings with five other people because, you know, we have a one, a one person, one contact for the clients, my clients, and then, you know, it kind of gets executed.

And so it's that, it's that thing. So we can help with the seven areas of wellness, the major ones, right? Physical, financial, intellectual, spiritual social, let's say economic and emotional. So those are the seven. And so in the way of children, it's, it's more, you know, teach each one, teach one, right in the way of adults, just where, where the help is needed.

[00:26:33] Benja: Okay. Now with with that kind of, with the kind of work you're doing now and rewiring into that in my head and let me know where I'm going wrong with this. I think of somebody going into the medical practices the medical field as a very structured kind of thing, you go in certain number of years, you come out, you become a doctor at some, at some hospital or a practice somewhere, and you just kind of do quote unquote a job.

And then there's, you start leaning into the more entrepreneurial side of that, which is like, Hey, well, I'm gonna open up my own little clinic over here. I'm gonna have my own clientele and I'm going to service, you know, these types of people with my, my entrepreneurial skill and my medical skill. So, but that's usually kind of the end of that.

And then But what you're doing now is much more on the entrepreneurial side. I'm I'm guessing. Yeah. What parts of your mind have to kind of switch over?

[00:27:37] Dr Robottom: Well, that's an interesting question, which parts

[00:27:39] Benja: of, I, I have a version of that. I have a version of that as well, because going into video game, you know, you, you study computers, computer science and everything.

It's like, okay, here's how computers work. You get a job you're supposed to fix whatever system and you kind of start doing that. And then once I got out of it, I was like, holy crap. I don't know what's going on. And I had to start thinking different ways. So I'm just wondering how we compare with that or in the medical field.

There's CI bin

[00:28:09] Dr Robottom: yes. .

[00:28:10] Benja: I was waiting on that

[00:28:14] Dr Robottom: so I guess the path to destruction for me. Okay. As I like, you know, look up and say, where was my path to destruction? So both of my parents, one deceased one's not, so are and were pharmacists, right? Mm-hmm . And my mom owned a pharmacy in San Diego. That was my pathway to San Diego.

I practiced OB GYN. It's a, for the most part, a very happy specialty. I mean, by the time people got to me pregnant, you know, they wanted a baby. I did not do terminations. That's a personal thing. We're not getting into any of this. I'm only saying by the time they got to me, you know, it, they had chosen to have a child and then like, it's a happy specialty.

If someone was sick, I kind of pawned them off. Right. So it's not like OB GYN is not really a specialty of taking care of long term ill patients. Right. Mm-hmm, so high blood pressure. If they're not pregnant, we send them to family practice or internal medicine. Right. Right. And so if it doesn't have anything to do with female stuff, you know, we just, they go it's it's, you know, it's like, hello, goodbye.

You know? So then when I started the management of the Pharmac. I saw inherent sadness. So when I went through medical school in my third year, we have to rotate through six major, the six major specialties. I was like, can't do that. Can't do that. Can't do that. Can't do that. And so when I was at the pharmacy, like I would, it was like, I would see.

So as a physician, I wrote prescriptions as the pharmacy, we filled prescriptions and there were patients there with 12, 13 different prescriptions for what I call the big three high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. And it was really, really, really sad. And so to me, so many people will get to this space in their life where they are trying to save themselves from disease.

Right. Yeah. Instead of. Being on the other side of prevention of disease. And so at the pharmacy, I would see like people drinking Cokes and eating Popeyes, getting a prescription for high blood pressure in diabetes. And I'm like, well, that didn't make any sense to me. Yeah. I think if you have high blood pressure in, in diabetes, a Coke and Popeyes is not really what you wanna be doing.

And so I was just, I was like, I just can't. I was like, I just, I can't watch this. And some people have the, the heart skills to be able to just say, well, I wanna help them any way I can. But for me, I was like, well, you need to exercise. Like, you know, you need to put that Coke down and drink this water , you know?

And so, you know, drink some Alexa of the God. I mean, if you have to drink some calories, get you some wine, you know, and rag wine to food you know? And so I just, I just couldn't do it. I couldn't see, I, I felt like this is my personal opinion. I felt like physicians would give the patients multiple prescriptions for multiple medications and problems, and they didn't see the person as a whole.

And so right. Have all this stuff and the people would come to the pharmacy like, well, I don't know what to do with this. I have these 12 to take at this point, then I have to do this. I'm like, man, I'm like, this is crazy. So for me it just became health and wellness. It became teach the children, you know, help, you know, if I can help in my lifetime, if I can help 25 children to be on a pathway of not like not that pathway, not the one, you know, terms that they don't seek healthcare.

Don't seek it early. They're not into preventative medicine. They're not into like the, the, you know, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So it's that type of thing. And so I was like, I have to, I just have to know. No,

[00:32:13] Benja: so. I, I suppose that's difficult to push through in a, a, a medical practice where they're looking to, you know, it seems like they're always trying to prescribe something after the fact and someone, all of a sudden stands up and says, well, wait a minute.

Yeah, why are you drinking all these Cokes? Why are cause I had that problem as well. When I was trying to work with people, I was like, all right, we've got to work three months on this project. And you know, the guy's like, well, I can't, I can't perform like that. And it's like, oh, well get good sleep.

I know you don't get good sleep. You've told me I've washed your habits. You don't get good sleep. Just get better rest and wake up in the morning. And then they'd show up in the morning with the monster energy drinks, you know, and the, the quick meal from whatever fast food spot in the morning. And I'm like, okay, you're here, but you're not gonna be able to maintain this.

This isn't like a two week thing. This is a six month thing we've gotta do. and I just started watching people fall off and they're like, why do you have so much energy? And I'm like, I'm not like in perfect health or anything, but there are a lot of these simple things. That's like, Hey, don't eat this well, you know, the books eat this, not that

[00:33:26] Dr Robottom: you know, it's tough to help adults.

Mm-hmm , you know, helped. So, you know, I don't know if you can teach an adult or anything either because they think they know everything. So, I mean, I don't wanna get bogged down by, you know, energy and, and what like hell, where we're specifically talking about health in the way of, you know, what we eat and things like that.

But health is multifaceted. It's much more than that. Yes. Should, you know, getting sleep and that type of thing. Yes. It it's all kind of in there, but I mean, like I've got really good friends and I, I am the type of friend that, you know, what you can, I, I'm just like, I love you. I'll sit here with you. You know, I, I, I don't help them unless they ask.

And so I, and in the way of adults, you know, I just don't worry about it if they sleep are Don, because, because just like you said, you're like, oh, you know, you come in here with fast food. There's nothing that you can do to say or change that.

[00:34:19] Benja: Hmm. And, and yet, and as I said, I, I think a lot of people are kind of programmed against that anyway.

So I I'm,

[00:34:27] Dr Robottom: I'm very too trying to tell me what to do. I can eat my McDonald's if I want to .

[00:34:34] Benja: Hey, Hey. And you notice I'm I am wearing my taco tea.

I'm wearing this, I'm wearing this because in San Diego, that's where I had the best tacos. Okay. So I was like, you know what, I'm talking to KIAA today. Let me wear the taco tea. Fantastic. yeah, I had to, I had to give those up a little bit because as I said, they were slowing me down. Oh, okay. Yeah. Oh, and I also pick up on how you DISE mm-hmm I do.

I did pick up on the way you say that, so I totally appreciate where you're going with all this. I love it. So your personal energy, energy how do you keep going? Like, you know, you get up, you've got high energy. Okay. I don't think I've ever known you really just to be, eh, for any extended period of time.

You know, I guess there's, you know, a lot of mind, body, soul, and your community helping you. But is there anything that you would tell people like, Hey, you know, good energy, try to try, maybe try to do this. I don't know any advice.

[00:35:31] Dr Robottom: I, I don't have any advice. You know, I don't give advice. I think for me, the way I, at attempt to maintain mm-hmm , you know, it, and you, you kind of said it mind body spirit, but then I tend to surround myself with people who are like, who, who genuinely want the best for me, but essentially they want the best for themselves.

So that extends to their inner circle. So, so I think that personally for my circle, I don't think that any of us compete with one another. I think that if a person. Is just trying to be the best version of themselves today. So I don't, you know, I don't say in five months I'm gonna be the best version of myself.

I was like, I I'm like, I'm gonna work on this today. And so let me see what I can do today to be the best, best version of myself, because I also believe I'm not guaranteed life. So, I mean, I don't know that I won't lay down and not come tomorrow, you know? And so I try to make this the best day ever. So, you know, kind of when I'm, when I wake up, I do drink coffee every day.

So I wake up, I plug my feet on the floor, you know, I go into the coffee pot, you know, I make my coffee and I. This is gonna be the best day ever. And that's what I attempt to do. I mean, I literally attempt, you know, I'm like, okay. And if it's not working out so well, I mean, you know, I cuss and do all that, but then I'm like, you know what?

I have to get over this. Because if, if this is my last day, this is not what it can look like. It has to, I have to do better than this. So I'm like, let's do it. And so then if I wake up, I'm like, okay, God, I'm, I'm awake alive. So what I'm gonna do now, let's make this the best day ever. I get my coffee and I keep it moving.

[00:37:22] Benja: every day, it's a holiday, another hustling dollar day holiday.

[00:37:26] Dr Robottom: But you know, it's at least trying to be the best version of myself.

[00:37:29] Benja: Yeah. That was a that's, that's a lyric from a, the song. I'll send it to you. Okay. Okay. Okay. It's on one of my one of, one of my, I don't wanna call it inspirational playlist, but what I'm trying to ride and keep going.

It's like every day is a holiday, another Hudson dollar day, you know

[00:37:45] Dr Robottom: what, you know, my, one of my theme songs go for it. You. Girl problems. I feel bad for your son. I got 99 problems.

[00:37:56] Benja: Hey, exactly, exactly. So with the, you know, we've talked about like you know, sharpening the saw keeping, keeping skills up and everything, but you said that you don't compete with your, your friends mm-hmm is there no friendly competition or that doesn't that's not a thing for you?

[00:38:15] Dr Robottom: All of my competitions in my head.

I don't think that anybody motivate me as much as I motivate myself because I, regrettably I'm very, very hard on myself. Mm-hmm I I've eased up a little bit, but I, I mean, there aren't many, like, there aren't many of my friends who could be like, who could be more challenging to me than I am for myself.

[00:38:34] Benja: Right, right. Okay. I think as, as, as I know you I've. I've been extremely fascinated by that ability to kind of stop and say, I can do better. And I've kind of watched, you want to improve on things, but on your own terms and in your own sphere of whatever, you know, that sphere of influence that you're creating.

And I definitely think some of that rubbed off on me. I wanted to let everybody know who was coming on here. You know, how, how they've affected me. That's one of the ways you've affected me, where I saw you talking to people, interacting with people and I'm like, Hmm, this person networks the hell out of this room.

Let me start trying to network the hell out of room too. And this is, this is my way of kind of competing. And I guess, I guess it's with myself because I realize that, you know, there's something I could do better, but I, I try to choose what I call targets and anti targets just to make it really simple in my head.

Like when I see you networking, I'm like, okay, that's a target I can shoot for. I can start trying out more of this. and then I see some, somebody doing something I don't want and that doesn't necessarily have to be bad. It's just something like, okay, they go to the gym way too much. That's not the kind of action I want.

Anti-art and it's just different ways for me to focus on like who or a D a way to find a direction, basically, in terms of changing, growing, evolving targets and anti targets, and your networking was one of my targets.

[00:40:03] Dr Robottom: Well, you do realize that I'm a true introvert. And I get all my energy from being inside.

So networking. Like I, like I had to, so I'm not, I'm not like one of these, you know, go somewhere and well, hello everyone, you know, how's it going? And I'm the leg of the party. In fact, you know, if I, if I am my true self, I will sit down and have a glass of wine and not talk to anyone. But I realize that that doesn't work that well for me, you know?

I mean, it just doesn't work, especially if I'm out, if I'm inside, it doesn't matter. Yeah. Out, like what good is it for me to fit in a chair all night long? So I've really had to like, learn how to network and of course, you know, you know how I am get something, take it and boom go. And so if I'm out, it's like, if know, it's like welcome to Hollywood, baby, get ready, you know, put your glasses on.

Yeah. Start taking photos and get just, just be ready. So I just, I've got like my persona it's that? It's my, it's my outside persona. That mm-hmm , you know, I, I just, it kind of has to be that, or I won't talk to anyone I'll just, and then, you know, then there goes the snob. Okay. You're such, just not, I'm like, okay, here we,

[00:41:15] Benja: yeah.

[00:41:18] Dr Robottom: you know how that goes?

[00:41:19] Benja: Yeah. Yeah. I, I get a, I get a fair amount of that too. I don't know if you know, we kind of vibe in that aspect. Absolutely. So, yeah, definitely. As far as introverts go, I think at some point I. I realized that, you know, going out and trying to, trying to force myself to really not enjoy, but just be so involved in people and getting good energy from people.

I realized that wasn't really me. So I had to figure out a new way to, to approach it. Okay. And, and for me, and I, I wasn't totally sure if you would call yourself an introvert. So I'm glad you said that I was gonna ask. Absolutely. But for me, I had, I had to start contextualizing it in my head as, okay.

There are all these people in the room, somebody here has got to know something about whatever topic, you know, the, the Padres I'm going to a Padre's game next week or something. And just start talking to people, Hey, what's going on? What's that? And that, oh yeah. You're, I'm going to a Padre's game next week.

And I just started seeing how fast I could find out certain bits of information who I could connect with and. It became kind of a game until I got good at it. And then once I got good at it, it didn't feel so much of a bother to me to do it. Okay. So, so

[00:42:37] Dr Robottom: go ahead. I just recognize that I would allow people to Hoover my energy.

Like, so before I learned like the skill of networking as I do it now, like I would be like sucked dry. Like I would go out and then people would, you know, like Hoover, Hoover, Hoover, Hoover, Hoover, and then I'd need to be inside for three or four days, not talking to anyone. And it was a pretty bad cycle because I mean, I wouldn't talk to my friends.

Do you know what I'm saying? So if they called or tested or whatever, you know, I'd be like, Ugh, I'm brain dead. But then I finally learned to, I don't allow people to Hoover my energy, so it's no longer allowed. And with that, you know, I have very discrete boundaries in the way of the way people approach me in public.

And so, and I, and, and regrettably people have found that, you know, like, if, so as an example, if someone starts shooting questions at me, it it's like, it's like, I'm like stop, you know, I'm like, I'm like, that's not how I do things. If you wanna know something about me, let it be a little bit more organic.

I'm like firing 10 questions at me. Fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire. That just, it doesn't work for me. Mm-hmm and so it, like, I've had to really just preserve my energy. Yeah. I don't want, I don't wanna take anyone's energy, but I don't want them to take mine. Yeah. And so now I don't need that two and three days to recover, you know, post a networking event because I, I don't allow people to Hoover my energy anymore.

I mean, they just, you know, they, they just can't do it. It's not allowed. It's not. Right. Right.

[00:44:17] Benja: So how does this feel for you?

[00:44:23] Dr Robottom: I, I mean, it's super, but I've known you your whole life. It's not the same. Like we are, we are familiar with one another. Right. So I, there there's gonna be a weird lull. I think that, so for the most part, when I do most of my speaking engagements, I don't use notes or anything like that. People will give me a topic.

Like I'll study the items that they want me to kind of talk about. I'll hone in on those things. So, so that I can read the room. Right. So for the two of us, this is easy because I've known you my whole life. I mean, I would just be like, if, if you said, or did something, I'd be like, yeah, I'm not okay with that.

And, you know, right, right. Yeah.

[00:44:59] Benja: So, well, well, public public speaking is a little bit different than an interview. I think public speaking, you can kind of separate yourself from me and the audience.

[00:45:07] Dr Robottom: Right? Really not. I don't, I don't, I don't agree. I think a good public speaker is, is just as easy in an interview because then you turn it around and you then allow the audience to ask questions.

Right. So a lot of public. don't want questions because they don't know what questions are gonna come up. And so for me, I like, I like for most of what, like my approach is interactive, right. So I like people to be able to approach me. And so, so the reason why I don't use scripts for most of my speeches is because like, I don't wanna be looking down and then I've lost the room and then no, one's like paying attention and then I've lost the room.

So yeah. You know, I've tried to make sure I'm like looking at the crowd so that I can get, I can get a read on, okay, well this is working and if not, I'm like wind back reroute,

[00:45:54] Benja: reroute, you know? Oh, okay.

[00:45:55] Dr Robottom: Okay. So reroute. So, I mean, that's big for me, so like I'm not shy. I'm an introvert. It's very different.

[00:46:04] Benja: Yes, I get you there. Totally get you. Mm-hmm it's, it's interesting. Cause for me, and for me, I grew up with, you know, the recitals and the the singing, the choir, the church piano and all that. And that I, I saw that as a performance where I could just get on stage and do something. And for whatever reason, for me, that didn't bother me.

Okay. But right when I got off stage and someone was like, you know, Hey, that was really good. I'm like, ah, ah, just, just all this, all this gibber Jaber it was bothering me. Right. But being on stage, I was totally fine. So at some point I realized that I could have a better connection. I think with people and I started doing, and I told Omar this yesterday, I started doing standup comedy as a hobby.

Oh, okay. To actually connect with people. This is, this is me jumping in the deep end. Cause I do this once in a while. I'm like, I have no idea what that is. I'm going in and I would just jump in the deep end. So yeah, I did stand up comedy for a little while and that made me actually really get a connection to people, but it, it, yeah, it was difficult.

But I learned, I learned so much got over so many humps. But I had never heard of the anyone speak of the interview situation being kind of the same as public speaking. So that's an interesting point of view. I no, that's very cool. I liked it

[00:47:27] Dr Robottom: well because a lot of people will say to an interviewee, you know, or an interviewer, I need your questions.

I need, I need you to tell me exactly what we're gonna talk about. This is right, right. Like if you talk about this, this will upset me, you know? And that, that just doesn't make any sense to me really. I mean, I don't wanna say that I'm a complete open book, but I'm like, I mean, I will just say, well, I'm not gonna answer that.

You know? I mean, So I don't, it doesn't have to be off limits. I'll just be like, well, I won't answer that. I I'm choosing not to answer that for whatever reason, so. Right, right. It's just, it's just easy for me. You know, I just, I like things I I'm, I'm no longer in the space in life where I want anything to be difficult.

I want things to be, you know, smooth, easy, laid back. And you know, I want, again, it's, it's really about energy. I want the energy to be good and I want other people, if other people are around, I want them to feel good about the energy.

[00:48:25] Benja: Excellent. I like it. Love it. And speaking of keeping energy, the one thing I wanted to ask you about was the runners high.

You are, you're still a runner. You still a run a lot, you

[00:48:36] Dr Robottom: know? Oh, I, let me tell you something reality is something extra special. And you know, I've, I've, I don't, I don't really discuss my age all that much. I don't consider myself old. I don't, you know, I don't feel old, but my body does talk to me, so I don't run as much.

I walk. So, you know, so I still, cause I have a 90 pound dog. She's actually heavier than that, but she's, she's a big dog. And so I go out every day, but the running I don't do anymore. So, you know, I used to do tri training, run cycle swim, like I'm like, whew. So now I do more stretching, you know, core thing, you know?

Right. You know, abs I mean, boy, you have to fight this battle. Boy, this boy, this, this battle, man. Yeah. It's real.

[00:49:29] Benja: It's real. Yes it is. Yes, it is. Like minor struggle is real minor note. I got into yoga and Pilates to Full disclosure. I got into meat. Hot chicks.

[00:49:41] Dr Robottom: Yes, indeed.

[00:49:45] Benja: and it worked, but after a while I was like, well, Hey, this is screw.

Screw, who I meet in there. I'm trying to get in and get li so it became a whole thing. And the reason, the reason I mentioned the runners high is I didn't, I don't think I, I, I really understood what that meant int until I started really getting into cuz it's not only runner, I'm getting into a, getting into a flow fitness high.


[00:50:15] Dr Robottom: what fitness? High fitness high.

[00:50:18] Benja: Yes. Yes. A fitness high where you're getting in the zone and your, your body, your system, your mind spirit is just all revving and moving and you're like, holy crap. This is great. And I started. I think I was damaging myself or holding myself back because I would start to get into something and then I would start to kind of enjoy it.

Then I'm like, well, wait a minute. I shouldn't be, I shouldn't be this into it. I shouldn't be getting this vibe. Maybe I need to pull back a little bit. People are starting to look at me funny, you know, like I'm just too into the flow or something like that. And letting go of a lot of that and letting that energy of creating, building, moving forward, kind of, you know, propel you along, you know, you're, you're pushing yourself and then all of a sudden this energy's pushing you forward and you're getting into that.

That runner's high. That, that flow. I love that. And I think at one point I said to myself, Kia's a runner. She knows this. She's an awesome target to have. And. I just wanted to stop and thank you for that. I don't even know if you realized it, but you were talking about, I gotta go on my run. You'd hang up the phone on me.

And I was like, I up the phone to go on a run. How does she wanna go on a run? It, it just, it just seemed nonsense to me, but I was like, all Kia's doing her thing and you would seem so exhilarated after running. And I'm like,

[00:51:53] Dr Robottom: well, okay, here, there's the, there's the turn. This is what I'm gonna talk to you about.

So it's very, cause people are very different, right? Mm-hmm so for me, I am a completionist so I'm one of the ones, if you see, I, you know, I still have a paper calendar. I have my open check boxes, so I've got my open and I have to check things off my list. Right. Mm-hmm so to get my mind going to these long exercises that I do every day, like I have to get my mind prepared, you know?

And then when I'm.

And so it's not, we are you, are you back now? Cause it started spiraling you back. Yeah. Yeah. We're here. Okay. So it's like to get me started and, and I work out every day of my life. Right. I have never been the person that's like, oh man, I can't wait to work out. It is always at the end where I'm like, yes, I have done my workout for today.

I am a superstar. I'm gonna buy me that dress that I've been looking at because look how fine I am. And so I reward myself. So that's, that's a part of my problem, you know, I would say if I do these workouts, like I said, for these seven days, I'm gonna go buy some Lu batons. And so it's like, it's like, that's, I mean, that's the only thing he gets me.

I mean, because it's certainly not, Hey, let me get up and go running. It's it's not, it's not a runner tie. It's, it's a thing it's like, I wanna be fine. Right. If, if I don't work out, I can only have met. So, you know, with my age, you know, there's this whole per and postmenopausal thing and all this stuff going on.

So I could only imagine what it would be like if I didn't work out day. Cause I mean, I stuff every day in my life every day. Yeah.

[00:53:42] Benja: You you're, you seem fitting healthy to me. I, I dig it. Well,

[00:53:46] Dr Robottom: I work out every day in my life. If, if, if it's a whole thing, it's like, if I am not fit, what am I doing? Just, just let me go eat some bread.

[00:54:04] Benja: I mean,

[00:54:05] Dr Robottom: I mean, like for

[00:54:05] Benja: real, yeah. What's the cake. Yeah. Are you kidding me right now? Mm-hmm oh my goodness. This is comedy. This there's, there's so much awesomeness that we just, that we just went through. I'm looking at my notes here and I'm like, God, dog, this is great. I love it. So I'm gonna start rounding up this real, this really quick.

Do you know Kelly

[00:54:23] Dr Robottom: Crowley? I do. I met Kelly. Kelly. Are you here?

[00:54:27] Benja: Kelly wants to jump in. You won't let her in? Yes, absolutely. Okay. Let's, let's have Kelly on for just a second.

[00:54:33] Dr Robottom: Okay. Ladies and

[00:54:33] Benja: gentlemen if she's still there, her request is open. We'll see if she jumps in. But any oh, there she is.

Oh my Kelly. I know you, this is first welcome to my podcast.

[00:54:49] Dr Robottom: This is Benjamin known, Mr.

Benja You, you know, as the manager, as he's been alive, because I'm older than he and our moms are sister, so, okay. So I've known him his whole life and we have had this lifetime relationship of this like banter like trying to learn from one another and here we are. Awesome. Yeah, Kelly in residency, man.

[00:55:17] Benja: Okay. A long time ago.

That's very cool. So see this, this is how it happens. We just started this internet thing and people started connecting again. So I'm trying to use social media as a way to stay more social actually. Ooh,

[00:55:30] Dr Robottom: move kidding. There you go. There you go. Okay. So did you have any questions, Kelly? No. I just like to say, what would you, what kind of exercises do you do now this year gotten older?

[00:55:40] Dr Crowley: Cause I remember you used to run with me. There's a couple of times you went to gym with me. Yes. So what are you doing now?

[00:55:44] Dr Robottom: So I do, I have a really big dog, so I walk every day now. So instead of running my knees are very, very sore. I mean, they're very sore, even the walking. So I, I can walk traditionally 45 minutes a day, which will be about three miles a little bit more than.

And then I do AB work every day. So I like, I have this, I have like these like different things in the way of AB that I do. And I go through a rotation so core. So I do a ton of core and walking and, and running. Like, I just, it, it makes me really sore. I struggle with running because I just, my feet hurt my knees hurt.

And so I've had to back off a bit. Oh yeah. What about you? What are the way of exercising? So I, so Peloton now a big Peloton. Yeah. Peloton fanatic. So started, I stopped running for a little while and then I started up, I just want run, walk and it's, it's it. I get the runners high. I love it. I love exercising every day.

[00:56:40] Dr Crowley: And it feels good. And trying to get patients like I don't know, you, you haven't practiced in a long time, but recently in the last two years, two, three, maybe last five years, there's been an upscale of preeclampsia, diabetes, everything. And as far as like trying to get patients to exercise workout.

Make healthier choices. It's really difficult. But no, they don't difficult. They don't see the, they don't see the reason for it. Right. Because it's, it's not a short term fix, right? No, it's, it's a long like, you know, because of course you're sore when you do it, you know, up, it takes time where if you just pop a pill, Hey, where's my pill.

[00:57:19] Dr Robottom: Where's my pill, Dr. Robot. Where's my pill. Dr. Crowley. Where's my pill. Yeah. Yeah. So it's really difficult. Yeah. It's it is health and wellness. Like again, it is, it is diff it's very difficult to try to instill the benefit of prevention to people, especially in today, look in today's world. Like everything, Twitter, Instagram, like what we're doing now, it's right.

Way. I mean, otherwise we'd have to go what rented blockbuster. That's, that's how I grew up, you know, that's, you know, you know, so different culture. So. You know, it's just, it's a whole, it's a whole new world. I mean, especially I'm sure for you as a P a practicing physician now, right? Yeah. It's a whole different ball game.

Yes. But, it's. Yeah, but it was fun. Thank you. Thank you. Let's catch up soon. Okay. I will. Alrighty, byebye. Thank you for joining us. Bye

[00:58:17] Benja: byebye, ladies, ladies and gentlemen Dr. Kelly Crowley, we will . We will definitely be in contact. That's awesome. All right.

[00:58:25] Dr Robottom: See you later. All right. Bye Kelly.

[00:58:28] Benja: Bye. All right.

All right. There's a way to get all the people here. Okay. But I can't find it. There should be a little X on your side. Dr. Crowley,

see, this is how things go live. And it's one of the, this is, this is one of the, the smoother ones, by the way. Because people jump in, try things. , it's, it's comedy, it's fun. It all works out though. And when I post produce later if it needs to get removed, I remove it. So don't worry about that.

Yeah. I'm not worried. I really am not. Okay. Good. All right. Wow. So is there anything else that you wanted to leave us with, ask me about or wrap on?

[00:59:11] Dr Robottom: I, we have so many interesting remember whens, you know, mm-hmm, like when this happened, remember when that happened. So I would like for you to share with me your favorite, remember when, with me

[00:59:23] Benja: favorite, remember when as I said that the, the ComicCon conversation that did have me dying on the phone, I think I've been taken out of.

My I, the normal way of thinking and I'm just like, oh yeah, people dress up at the hu all the time. This is just, just me. Right. And I was a, I was a blogger of photographer for a while, going around collecting just hundreds of images of co players and that's costume players. That's what they call them cells.

And I was just going around, taking all these pictures and hearing somebody like, Hey, there's a Hulk on my floor. It's like comedy. So I, I, I already said that one. And I think that was the one that, one of the one that stuck with me the most. Do you remember? I guess other times geez. There there's so many, I can't really pick one out right now.

[01:00:14] Dr Robottom: But's so many, like I like off hand to come up, like when we went to Nobu and Malibu and like, like, they were like forager. Well him. And what was what's the Kenny G was there. Yeah. And remember I went and talked to Kenny G. Yeah. And I was like, aren't you Kenny G. He was like, oh, so he talked the whole time.

He was like, stay out and join here. I was like, we're here. And so like then, and then the time with Kenny, wait, hold on.

[01:00:44] Benja: Did I, did I tell you that I ran into him in the bathroom?

[01:00:48] Dr Robottom: No, I don't think so. Okay.

[01:00:50] Benja: Before he, before you guys had that conversation, I ran into him in the bathroom, but I didn't know. I didn't recognize him.

So we're, I'm walking one way and he's walking at me the opposite direction and I don't think he noticed me, but he had this very musical kind of walk and stru about him. So when we started to cross paths, he just kind of a around me, right? Yeah. Yeah. He's like, oh, hi. How are you doing? And kind of just morphed around me.

And I was like, All right. Interesting fellow seems nice. Yeah. Yeah. You know, and I just kept all going about my thing, but it, in it stuck with me. I'm like, who walks like that? Who's just got this musical flow to their walk. Right. and I've been around, I've been around violin and opera singers, but his was very pronounced.

And then later on, cuz in my head I'm like he does look familiar. Right. But later on when you were talking with him, I'm like, huh, kid E G. That makes sense.

[01:01:54] Dr Robottom: like, and then I think like the times that chat were one for me was, are still like, like, oh, maybe the standard too though. Upstair upstairs from the standard. Mm-hmm I know, like, I mean, I mean, epic, I mean, we are still talking like epic stuff, so it's just all like so high for me, you know? Like every, like it's like, yeah, those were 10 days, you know, like if between one and 10.

So there were so many of the tens with you just kind of walking, you know, shot saying down this street, like, hi, how are you? You know, just, yeah. Yeah. You know, sitting there like chuckling with another, you know, singing, just, you know, like, cause I remember one time we were somewhere and Katie Perry had just like come out with a song.

It was like I just see, I kissed the girl and I like it. And I was like singing Katie Perry. I like that song. And you were like, you might wanna stop saying that then. Oh, this is might not anyway. So you were like, yeah. I don't know if that's the right image that you wanna portray for yourself. I oh,

[01:02:57] Benja: I know it may have sounded deadpan. I don't know how serious I was with any of those things I said, but good times. That's all I remember. Absolutely.

[01:03:04] Dr Robottom: Absolutely. We'll have to do it again soon cause I, I need to get out there. I mean, I just really need to get out there.

[01:03:10] Benja: Yeah. I so I'm in the, I'm near the long beach area right now.

A little spot called San Pedro. Right? So not exactly. LA definitely not exactly San Diego, but a nice little cut of land there with some beaches around some nice places to hang out. We've got the largest fish market out here in really the largest seating I should say. They seat like 3000 in this, in this fish market thousand people.

It's crazy, but it's, it's real. It's actually good food. And a lot of people come out there, they just get in this like cafeteria style, seafood line and. Gimme this gimme that we just got some macro in, boom, gimme this. And you get to watch the whole process, cuz the fish will come in like on one side of the pier and you'll see them take it, separate them out, organize them and you can watch the entire process as it kind of gets to your plate.

San, San Pedro fish market. Just kind of crazy.

[01:04:04] Dr Robottom: Okay. Okay. Yeah. I'm gonna look that up. Definitely. All right. Well, I mean, I don't have any more questions. I mean, I, I can come up with a bunch, but I don't really have anymore. I don't know that you have anymore, but I wanna make sure that our listeners know that we will be back again.

So I think that said we should do this at least once a month. Absolutely. And then like I just saw Thor and I wish we could have talked about Thor. Oh my God. Or,

[01:04:27] Benja: or the book of Bobba Fe

[01:04:29] Dr Robottom: the book of Bobba fit. I tell you, I didn't like that. Oh my. Yeah. So we have a lot to talk about. So let's keep this up and are questions.

Does anybody have any questions before we say goodbye?

[01:04:41] Benja: I think, I think we're good on those. Wow. So awesome. Having you know, Dr. Crowley show up. That was great.

[01:04:46] Dr Robottom: That was nice. Very nice. I will talk to her later. Okay. So then I will if there's anything else, then you just let me know. I don't know how you gen generally shut down your, your lives.

So you just kind of lead the way on that one.

[01:04:59] Benja: Well, let us know where people can find you or or where to go for for more on you.

[01:05:03] Dr Robottom: So I have a page on Instagram, Dr. Kia RBO, or it's at Dr. Kia RBO mm-hmm . And my personal page, my primary business page is your elite event and it's fun. I, I have a travel agency and I help clients kind of to discover again, their best versions of themselves.

They can come in house and they can start naked and leave out on a plane to get married in south of France. So. That's kind of how, what that looks like. So, you know, it's just, again, health and wellness is vitally important for me. I try to exemplify health and wellness to the best of my ability. You know, the crack people will say, oh, Kia, but however, stop tips.

But you know, it's one day at a time, one step at a time. Everybody has to do their best at a time.

[01:05:55] Benja: I love it. I love it. All right. Well, I'm so glad to have had you on here. This has been Mr. Ben's add experience live for Ben con week with the first family member on here. Dr. Kia, our bottom entrepreneur speaker health advocate, all around excellent person with good energy.

That's what I'll say to meet other

[01:06:16] Dr Robottom: people. Take good care. Alrighty, bye

[01:06:20] Benja: later. See. All right. Well, thanks everybody for joining on that was Dr. Kiba as you heard. And once again, I have no idea. There it goes. Boom. That was Dr. Kiba family member, cousin, and we we've had. We've had just great times all around.

And as I said, we, we got a chance to work together when we, when I was younger. And we've kept a awesome relationship all that time. If you want to have more of these discussions, let me know who you want to have on week is a special thing I do, but I do have discussions all year round. So if you know anybody who would want to be on talking about creativity, art, design, and development, I do run my podcast all year round.

That is Mr. Benja's add experience. You can find that on Spotify, you can find that on Google, Google podcast, apple podcast, and all the major platforms. So be sure to go check for it there. The audio for this will be showing up there later, and it'll be awesome. In the meantime, tomorrow, we're gonna have our special show versus business episode, where we are gonna get down with Theo.

Talk about a little bit of things going on in business and show the creative side of things, the creative and the finance. They always kind of work weird together. We're gonna be talk, discussing that with the Theo be a special edition. It's not our normal news rundown where we just talk about the news.

This is the BenjaCon week edition. So we're gonna get into some, we're gonna get into some dirt. We're gonna talk some talk, some funness. We're gonna have some stories being told. There may be is couple special guests, but check it out as always appreciate all of you showing up. Please follow along for more like this and talk to me.

I'm in the comments. Peace.

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