"Adapting To The Winds Of Change" - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #43

Adapting to the winds of change and changing our discussions to reflect what is happening with creatives right now.

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Anyway, let's get into it. This one is a little bit of a point for me. And it's something that is necessary to talk about. And I don't hear many people mentioning it, but it's about adaptation and I'm going to entitle this one, adapting to the current storms.

I mentioned yesterday in one of the, one of the little short form videos I created that I wasn't making art anymore. And even though I went on to kind of explain that, I think a lot of people may have pulled something from that, that wasn't, I'm not gonna say wrong at all, but it wasn't exactly where I personally was going with it.

I said, Creating of art felt kind of frivolous right now. And in clarifying that in my head, I thought it was worthy enough of a discussion to let people know not exactly what I meant, but to expound on this whole thing about adapting and

creating in a, in an environment where things are constantly changing. If you haven't realized we are in a very, very changing time right now. In fact, it's quite amazing how much change is happening and we're not cognizant of, it's just kind of happening and we're so in the scene right now, we're in the changes where the winds of change are happening and it's hard.

Comprehend exactly how it's going on.

So when I said that I was not creating art anymore, I'm not sitting down creating paintings and going to gallery shows and creating prints from those paintings as I was in the past, because times have changed. And I think. Those creations, although relevant aren't as

necessary's not the right word either. Although those creations are relevant, they're not where my energy is focusing right now. And for all those creators, if you're out there creating art by all means, keep doing what you're doing. This is for me. But I think there are lessons and things I can go into about adapting that are really going to make sense for you .

And I'll start with a little story about when I was younger. I realized that. And I was quite young when I realized this it was elementary school. I believe my dad would always ask me about the weather and people would always respond well to him. He's a very nice guy

he would ask. So how's the weather. It's a hot day to day. And Hey, did you hear what was going to rain in the next couple of days? Whether discussions became very, you know, they were just all, they were very ubiquitous in a lot of the discussions that were coming up and it, it always bothered me because from my point of view, the weather just didn't matter that much.

And those discussions would frustrate the hell out of me. Like, is it going to rain? I don't care. How does that affect my.

Well, yeah, rain last week. So the hell what,

it just didn't matter to me. And it frustrated me as a kid that people would talk about the weather and then they had the weather channel. Right? The weather channel actually became a big thing when I was very. And I remember it's like, there's a whole news channel of people talking about the weather.

Thank you Rex. Thank you Navy for joining you.

And I realized that these weather discussions weren't about the weather. They were just a hold over discussion from previous generations. You know, if you're going to be walking to work, then it's a much different affair if it's raining or if it's snowing and the bus is going to be late, so I realized as a kid that a lot of these discussions were literally old fashioned. They were fashioned to apply to where we had come from. It was necessary to talk about the weather

and don't worry. I will be getting to the point of this whole discussion, but I realize it's going to take a second to get. So now I'm re I'm having this realization about the weather and changing conditions in, in our lives. And I was frustrated that people were still talking about something that didn't, that wasn't relevant to us, but it formed a good, but you know, whether discussions still form a good way of chit-chatting.

But it's not like we need to, you know, Hey, it's going to be a scorcher today. We need to bring the cows in.

We need to make sure the chickens have enough ventilation in the coupe. We need to make sure that our factory isn't going to overheat because it got a little warm today. These are problems that were necessary to discuss. Nevertheless, we still talk about them.

So what does this mean?

We hold on to these patterns and these ways of doing things. That don't necessarily benefit us in the current moment. We keep on perpetuating these ways of thinking these ways of going about doing things and these patterns in life

It's a thing that we've constantly done and we keep doing it. We keep on rehashing this. So

What can we talk about, if not the weather, right. I'm starting to, I'm starting to mean this a little more metaphor. What can we talk about? That's more relevant to our lives right away. What kind of small talk can we get into? We started talking about, what did you see on TV last night? That's become a discussion.

What did you watch on the news last night? What did you, and these are all things about discussing the current events what's going on, what's happening, but is what you're discussing relevant right now. Does it make a difference in your life? Does it connect you with other people? And this is what I think concerned me a lot, because now if our conversation is still about the weather and the weather doesn't affect us, that means we're wasting time talking about things that aren't going to help us adapt to the current conditions.

My current conditions are not heavily affected by the temperature. It's just not a thing. I'm much more effected by say, gas prices. Well, if the gas prices are high, then I know that I won't be traveling as much or taking road trips.

If there's a shortage of, you know toilet paper, that's a valid discussion. I may just want to pick something up when I go to the store, but that generally isn't, hasn't been a problem. It could be, you know, very near future dealing with this pandemic and everything that's going on with the economy.



to adapt, you have to be willing to listen to, and look at your current situation, your current weather storms of your life.

So when the environment. Or your, your current weather situation, when your environment changes, you have to change along with it. There are two choices. I mean, the weather is going to be the weather.

So if you're on, if you're a sailor and you need to know about the weather and we're all in a sea of something, God, this is esoteric. Nevertheless, I continue.

If you've got to deal with the storms of life, you need to know the weather. You need to know what's happening in your area. You need to know what's happening with what you do. As I said before, farmers industry shipping sailing. These things actually have to do with the literal weather. That's why we had those discussions, the weather in your life.

How are you navigating? How are you sailing through your life? Are you cognizant of what's going on in your field and for creators? I think that it's important to start discussing things like how is social media changing is how is our discussion being framed? Instagram, how has our discussion being framed by YouTube Twitter?

What's going on in, you know, on the streaming platforms, Netflix and Disney plus, this is how we're getting our information. Now, maybe we should be discussing these things more. Shout out to anybody who shows up for Wednesday show versus business discussions, where we talk about these.

So I'm just responding to the, the, the people who were concerned that, you know, Hey man, don't give up on your art. Don't that's, that's not what I'm doing. I'm not giving up my art at all. I'm not forsaking it. I'm not denigrating what I've done in the past. No, no. I am simply responding to the current weather conditions.

I will continue to create art, but right now my focus is on building my personal brand, which is why I'm creating a podcast, which is why I'm building my own media infrastructure, which is why I'm creating short form video, which I hadn't done before. Which is why I'm creating long-form video, which I've done for a while, but haven't taken as seriously until recently.

These are situations where I'm responding to the weather it's adapting.

And a lot of times when I mentioned here's a test for you. When I talked about the storms of life, when I talked about the. The rain and the raging wind, and the fact that you have to exist in your environment. Did you think about being pushed around and not having any control? Or did you think about the opportunity to, to sail somewhere different, to do things in a different way with one art friend?

I talked to. The, the winds of the winds of the economy. And I've had this weather discussion before. I've just never recorded it with one person. I was talking about the winds of life and the way things change. And they immediately went to, oh yeah. Just, I feel like a piece of trash getting pushed around and I don't know where I'm going.

Things are moving me this way and that way and throwing. Throwing me all around. I feel like a leaf in the wind, just getting pushed in this. This is not the best way of looking at things. Think like a dove, think like an Eagle, think like a Falcon. They use the wind, they ride the wind. The wind goes somewhere.

Hey man, let's jump up, spread out our wings and. You use this energy of change of the current environment to take you somewhere that you haven't been before to push you forward? Well, what about if I leave behind? Hey man, you know, birds, birds fly. They migrate, they come back. It'll be fine because you're not going to be able to change the wind.

That's just how the wind is. You can use the wind, you can adapt to it. Can change only yourself and what you do within your current environment. And the same discussion also happened when I was discussing sailing in the water, like, yeah, you're in the water, you got your boat or whatever, and you know, what are you going to do?

When the waves come? Another friend was like, Aw man. Yeah, waves come kick your ass. And they flip you over capsize your boat. They splash you and you know, you just can't do anything. I don't know. You could look at it that way if you want to, but there are better ways to look at it, ride this current, see where it takes you.

Heck build an under sea, you know windmill, you know, use the, use the winds of change to your. So when I hear people complaining about the fact that Instagram has changed its algorithm that Tik TOK and short form video is, is a problem that NFTs are stupid. That

AI artificial intelligence generating art. Problematic that nobody creates images anymore. They just collect images off the internet and compiled them into their own. The fact that, Hey, no, one's actually painting anymore. Everybody's doing things on the computer creatives. It's it's weird, man. The people who create are so averse to.

Actual change when they're supposed to be the ones making the change, it's very disconcerting, but then you need the marketers come in and they see the changes. And this is where I'll give marketers and advertisers, their, their props. They come in and they see these changes and they're like, let's react to this.

Let's respond to the, the what's happening right now with what's going on. How can we use this energy? How can we ride these winds? So the marketers who aren't very good at creating are excellent at sailing. These, these changes. They're excellent at riding these winds of change. And this is one thing I've definitely learned from the sales marketing branding, advertising promotions side of things is that you grow where you are.

You, you ride the winds of change. And I do mean adapt in the evolutionary sense. I always talk about your brand evolving your,

your product, evolving your, your creativity evolving. I do mean that in the sense of not just a random growth, but your growth is affected by your environment. Are you adapting to your environment? What are you going to be doing next?

You, you shouldn't be 100% sure about that because you don't know what's going to happen in the next month. Next two months, the next quarter, what will happen to the next year? It's not quite clear, is it? So you have to adapt. You have to see what's going on in the current. And use this change as a resource.

This energy of change is very powerful and it's best to not fight against it, but to learn how to utilize it to your advantage. This is the essence of what I am pushing for in terms of going to whatever you think your goal is.

Regardless of what your goal is, you will have to ride the winds of change. You will have to sail the seas of progress. Otherwise you'll drown. Or as my friend stated to me, get pushed around like a piece of trash. That's not the way I want to go.

And I apologize once again, this isn't as coherent as it should be. This is a thoughtful Thursday where I'm just going through my thoughts.

So a real quick note on adaptation and evolving. I said, I use those terms in the actual sense of. Changing in response to environmental factors, adapting,

evolving. Are you able to do that

or are you damaging yourself hoping for a quote unquote better tomorrow and just hoping. Wow. I really hope the sun shines tomorrow. It's raining a lot today. If it's raining a lot, why don't you set up an irrigation system? If it's very sunny, why don't you set up some solar panels? If it's very windy, why don't you set up some windmills?

If it's very dry, why don't you start selling coconut water?

the ones who thrive, respond to their environment appropriately. And a lot of creators don't like doing that until they are in fact forced to. So what I'm saying is

If the discussions you're having, aren't serving you appropriate. Then change the discussion and listen to what's actually happening right now. Listen to the changes, listen to what's going on in people's lives, listen to how things are and not how you want them to be.

Because once you listen to how things. You can respond appropriately and get to where you want to be.

I hope that made sense. I'll give a quick example of this whole thing about adaptation and fitness. We get in our heads a lot of times. You know, you have to be strong, only the strong survive. This is about, you know, having this high level of prowess and fitness. Right. But the word fitness in terms of evolution is a bit of a misnomer and I'll start wrapping it up with this point with fitness.

The word is meant to describe being an appropriate match to the environment. Not necessarily better. This is where creatives get tripped up. They think that well, if people aren't, if w if things aren't going the way that I would hope them to, I just need to be better. I need to be stronger. I need to be.

Yes. Okay. Sure. But more importantly, you need to fit with your environment. And what do I mean, sit, if you look at back, let's take a look at the polar bears. People like to use this as an example, in terms of talking about the evolutionary process and adapting, why are there only white polar bears? What if there were blue for polar bears at one point polar bears with blue, for whatever happened.

Are they still around? No, all the polar bears we know have white for why is that? Some prevailing thoughts say that, you know, there were other, there were a blue or other color we're just using blue. As an example, there were blue for polar bears, but all the, all the prey, all the seals, everybody else could see them.

A mile away. Literally, you see these bears coming at you. That's like, oh, look, there's a bear on the horizon. I can see it because it's got blue for I'm going to run away. And it was just too easy to spot them. So those bears ended up dying off

and the ones with the white, for who matched the snow and the ice, they were able to get around and do their thing without being. Until it was too late.

And that's just a very extremely simple example. I get doesn't mean that the blue for was any better than the white first. It's just that, you know, you're in a, you're in the polar area, blue for is going to get you going to cause you to start it could've it could've played out another way where. You know, maybe, maybe the polar bears with blue for people started just attacking them and they just got beat up and no one liked them cause they had blue for, I don't know,

but there are so many factors involved and that's just, that's a pretty one dimensional factor. It's easy to kind of grasping. Once you start getting 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 dimensions, seven, you know, 12 dimensions of variables that are going into a situation. And you have variables of time variables, a place, money economics, you know, past history, cultures cities, you know, bloodlines available technology, weather patterns.

It's like, there's so many different factors involved you know, ability to withstand certain types of diseases. All of these things have built up over time and gotten us to where we are. And the, the idea that something is a better fit for an environment doesn't mean it's actually better. It just was able to.

Respond to that environment appropriately and beneficially. So what does that mean? It's like you see a trait that's that you think is negative. Well, it may have worked out in some case and let me not go off into the weeds on evolutionary psychology and.

The whole survival of the fittest thing. That's a, that's a discussion we could be having for hours suffice to say whatever situation you're in, you're trying to do better. And you're trying to supposing your creator. You're trying to create the best that you can with what you have. You are trying to be a good.

For your environment, if you were not good on social media and suddenly the world requires social media in order to advance, then suddenly the weather of your creative journey has changed

and you should adapt to it. You don't have to like it, but at the very least understand.

So, what are you doing with yourself? I hope you are creating as much as you can in as effective a manner as you can. I am all about creating here and that's fundamentally what my journey has been. I wanted to create situations and get ideas across. I used video games as that method. I created several titles.

I was a programmer. I learned art as a hobby from my father who was a professional artist.

And through all those experiences, I've had to adapt. And I don't know if there are. Major forces of creativity in the world that don't adapt properly. The ones that don't adapt are what we call one, hit wonders, where they do one thing and all of a sudden it's massive. If you look at since we're talking about social media, Facebook, Metta, highly adaptable company, they adapt to things extremely quickly.

And extremely effectively, that's why they're worth what they're worth.

They started out as a college. I don't want to say a dating app, but it was kind of a hotter, not selection app developed into a newsfeed Twitter kind of thing. Developed into a photo sharing service, developed into a media sharing service, developed into a business tool. And now they bought Instagram, which is started as Photoshop.

Now it's not, photo-sharing, it's adapted to something else.

So things adapt, things, change things, develop,

and if you're not adapting and you're frustrated, you might need to ask yourself,

how can I ride this?

As opposed to assuming the wave is going to overtake you

a slight shift towards the positive, towards understanding what those marketers and sales executives have understood. You go with the winds of change.

You could avoid them. If you want, you can fight against them. If you want. You can do all that thing if you want, but you're missing out on the energy of natural change.

I hope this has been helped you in some way. My thoughtful Thursdays aren't always as structured. My other discussions, but they are cutting edge thought. I'll go ahead and say that. Let me know what you think. Let me know what you feel about some of the things I've said. If there's something I need to expound on or continue to look at, or even if I'm I'm missing something, especially if I'm missing something.

I want to know where I can improve, where I can adjust my thoughts, what I might be callous to what I may have overlooked, because this is what we do we think and grow. This is Mr. Benja's, ADD experience, live thoughtful Thursday. Appreciate you and your time. Keep creating and enjoying. Peace.

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