"8 Ways to Stay Sane on Social Media" - Mr Benja's ADD Experience #41

Having problems with social media? Well there are some things that you can do about it. My introverted self has come up with 8 Ways to Stay Sane on Social Media. Maybe they can help you out too.

This is Mr. Benja's add experience live for Tuesday, May 24th, 2022. Had to take the date there for a second. I forgot what planted I was on a, it was just off in my own development thought world. And you know what I've been, I've been writing a lot of stuff up and thinking, been talking to people, conferencing hitting up a couple of mentors, finding out what the deal is.

Really getting reset for the rest of the year. We're getting towards the halfway point. And I realized that doing all the social media talk, doing all this branding, it actually does have an effect. And it isn't always a positive effect. If you're not watching for it, you have to watch out for the bad things and you need to try to stay as sane as, as good as possible on the internet.

And I have eight ways to stay sane. In social media. So hopefully this helps somebody. You know, as I said, this is something I've, I've been working on as well, but writing and keeping notes for awhile. After I get through with the branding thing, I'm probably going to come back to this and put this information out there for people, but eight ways to say sane on social media.

I think it's important. I think it's relevant. So before we get into that, Just really quickly want to jump into some news. I don't know if you guys have seen Walmart released a Juneteenth flavor for their F for, for there to celebrate Juneteenth flavored ice cream, they put it out and they want to celebrate this was, this was silly.

It's last year we were talking about no, who wanted to hear from us? We've been talking about Juneteenth. We black people have been talking about Juneteenth for awhile celebration of. Not being granted freedom, but the time when freedom was acknowledged by black people in or acknowledged at all, we found out we acknowledged it.

It became a thing way later than when it originally happened. So Juneteenth anyway you can go look up the history of Juneteenth on your own. It's pretty fascinating stuff. It's very cool. You know, we've been talking about it for so long and suddenly, you know, after black lives matter after Joyce, George Floyd, Mike Brown and all this stuff, all of a sudden it's like, Hey, we can make money off of black people.

The student team thing came out. So did Juneteenth ice cream came out by Walmart. Other people were trying to cash in. And what's funny about the Walmart thing is they made up their own brand of ice cream, but there were already products out there from black owned businesses that they could have brought in.

And also. They, it seemed like they ripped the idea off from an actual black owned ice cream maker. So there's that anyway, Walmart's doing some nonsense that they have enough the brand. That's what they're doing. So anyway that was the one little bit of news that happened Kenobi starting this week.

I talked about that before, so I'm gonna check that out. The new trailer for Thor, 11 thunder. That's looking good. I'm not sure how I feel about the story. I don't know how much of a story there is besides gore. The godwits are coming through and fighting with both doors. So if you haven't seen that trailer, check it out.

Definitely. Sure. We'll get to talking about that on the show versus business Wednesday. So Thor trailer Juneteenth ice cream. All right. That's all we'll do for news right now. I want to go ahead and get into this one. So eight ways to say sane on social media, because it can be aware it could be a dream.

what's up pebble Barna, Pepo. Sorry, let me know if I said that correctly. It's always funny reading out people's usernames because it makes sense as a name, but as a username, sometimes it doesn't read correctly. I get that too. All right. So number one, eight ways to say sane on social media. The number one most.

Important thing to do is don't argue over dumb shit. There's so much dumb shit out there. And I don't just mean irrelevant. I don't just mean you know, inconsequential stuff that doesn't make sense, even if you're looking at it and a conversation. And after you finished with it, you go home and sit down and say, wow, did I gain anything out of that?

No. Why? That was a dumb conversation. I shouldn't have had it. That was a dumb. I saw a 100 thread, 100 reply thread on someone's comment about flat earth. And it was basically two or three people. They just kept going back in and out flat earth. The Bible says the four corners of the world. You can't prove that go up in the airplane.

It looks flat to me. This is, I mean, it was just crazy. The earth is the earth is spherical.

As far as most people can tell, including people that are extremely smart and have actually studied this thing. But If you're out there and you believe the earth is flat, please do your own proper research and not just the conspiracy, whatever. And I know I needed to say that because there were a few of you on there that I know are still running around with that idea in your head.

I don't know why I know you and you think that way, but come on that flat earth, we can argue about other stuff that kind of makes sense. But to me, they'll fall in the category of dumb shit. Just don't argue over dumb. It's been two, three days getting riled up about some nonsense in wrestling and politics and a lot of things that are really not that close to you.

And that really don't matter. So don't argue over dumb shit. Just try to stop number two post positive, over negative. So when anything we're kind of wired to respond to the negative too much of that really wears at our souls and it makes you feel. Batty. If you keep doing it too much, it'll mess with your head.

The negativity, the constant, you know, what's wrong with this. They should be doing that. And how come that politician didn't do this? Well, that's not fair. All these thoughts going on all these posts, all these articles, and then there's fake news or whatever. You can circumvent a lot of that by trying to just post positive over negative and not just like your own post, your own links.

Your replies and the way you interact with people, if you come with a positive, over a negative, you'll definitely do a lot better. I'm not saying, you know, just gloss over things or, you know, try to put on a happy face where not just posts about the positive, like with the ice cream thing, there's a, the store cream malicious is all about the store cream malicious that I mentioned earlier in the news section.

It's a black owned brand. And we can talk about that instead of talking about Walmart, we already know what Walmart is about, but now we can go find these black ice cream makers that have national distribution cream malicious, look it up. It may actually be at one of your targets or some other store in your area.

So there's the positive we learned about a black, white ice cream brand. So there you go. Both positive or negative. That's number two. Number three, don't name call. This is a tough one. A lot of people get into just calling people names online, and anytime that happens, discussions are going to degrade.

You're going to take something personal because somebody used the label. You know, you know, I, I said you, like, if you use the term fake news, Segment of the population that's going to be like, oh, what are you trying to say? And then they'll call you a name. And then it's even labeling somebody as someone who, you know, follows a certain, you know, edict or whatever, you know, you're just, you're just labeling somebody.

You're just name calling. You're not really getting anywhere. You're not helping anybody. And it really deadens the conversation now. If you, if they would like to label themselves, like what do you consider your position? Where do you consider this coming from? That's a good question. It's positive. You know, it may not be what you want to hear, but I can pretty much guarantee you, everybody, you know, at some point will say something and you won't like it, or you'll just write them off or get mad at them or whatever.

And you may call them a name back and it just gets bad. It's just.

So try not to call names. It's actually a shortcut that you're using in your head to try to put somebody in a box as other, as like, oh, so you're one of these people. Oh, you're kind of like that. And you're trying to other them and basically putting them in a position. Bowing down being lower status coming to your side or whatever, but it's not about having a good discussion, learning, building friendships.

It's just name calling. Usually you don't need it. Stop it, stop it in your head and definitely don't post it. All right. Next one for make simple rules for posting. You're probably spending a lot of time online, figuring out what to say, how to reply and you know, you got the little three dots jumping up and down, holding you in place.

That's a lot of stress. And it's, you're, you're getting hit with all these micro stressors or what should I post that I even post this, does this bottom start making simple guidelines? Like, yeah. I only post when I'm on the toilet. So you may take a 10 minute dump. I don't know, get on the toilet, say, you know what, I'm going to post some nonsense for 10 minutes.

Boom. There it is. You have a simple guide. You never post while you're eating. If you have a thought about video game, You know, you're known for, let's say your brand is kind of known for being a video game personality. Let's say, if you ever have a thought about, Hey, I like this in the video room, or don't like that you don't think too much about the post.

Just make a simple rule that says when I had that thought, I posted it to Twitter because Twitter, I can post anything. Or if you see something cool in a video game store, you make a rule to yourself. Whenever I see something cool in the video game store, I post it to Instagram. Boom done. And you start coming up with the little rules and I shouldn't say rules because that makes it sound like, you know, Rigid or whatever, but no, it just, it just makes it easier to post you're like, oh yeah, done.

Keep going. And you don't have to think about what it is, the content, what it's going to mean. It becomes part of your brand and people expect it from you. So it works. Number five, don't expect protection. All right. Here's another one that people are, are always worried about when they get online, they want everything to be perfect for them and quote, unquote.

Yes, these platforms should offer a certain amount of protection, quote, unquote, but you can't just get on an open platform like Instagram, like Twitter, and some of you are on Facebook putting personal information out there, but you're setting your privacy to public. And then you get mad when somebody, you know, comes online a random and says something it's like, you can't expect protection in an open invite.

You know, well, he shouldn't say that yeah, some crazy guy in another country might actually comment on what you said. So be prepared don't expect any kind of major protections. Don't put a lot of your stock in your account being safe, even, even from being deleted or whatever. That's like, Hey, look, this is, this is my account.

I post X, Y, and Z to it. Somebody comes in the comments and I don't know. I either block them, ignore them, ask them a question why they're here. Try to figure out what they're trying to say, but this happened a lot on, it used to happen a lot on Facebook. People would just go and post something like I don't like blah, blah, blah.

And for whatever reason, Facebook just was the kind of place where everybody would just start dog piling on you. And like, you don't believe this. You need to shut up and dah, dah, dah. I mean, Unless it's like serious. Facebook is probably not going to protect you from your feelings. Just be cognizant of what you post it's.

Like, you wouldn't go into a, you wouldn't go into the middle of a restaurant, stand up and start saying out loud. Some of the stuff you say on yeah. On a, in a public forum, you know, like on Facebook, some people were talking about, you know, Trump in very public. As if nobody was a fan of Trump and then they got surprised or mad or upset that somebody retaliated and now the same thing is happening with, you know, Biden.

Someone says something bad about Biden and all of the supporters are going to attack you. That's what's going to happen. You can't get that protect you're on an open forum speaking openly. So either be ready for it or don't do it, figure it out. Something that works for you always express yourself. Don't stifle, but realize what you're putting.

All right, keep this quick six tighten up your settings. I grew up in an age where if you had a computer, you actually had to know how to work it. You know, I was editing the load in files, the auto exec dot batt, the config dot SIS files, the, you know, run dot Emmy files and all this, you know, playing with the bios settings and all of that, just so you could just so you could run your computer just so you could run certain.

You had to know a lot of stuff and figure out like, okay, this is that. And now the computer kind of does it for you. It's like, oh yeah, we're going to do all this. And we're going to, don't worry about it. We're just going to do stuff. So I know how to use settings. I know how to use the extra buttons on the calculator, but that's something I enjoy doing, but a lot of people don't too bad.

You got to go in there, learn the setting. Figure out. Okay. How do I make a list of people and then exclude that particular list from my comments? Okay. How do I go about setting my privacy? So friends can see me, but not friends of friends. How can I go about and set up two factor authentication? So if my phone gets stolen again, then this might happen.

Or if somebody gets into my account, how can I lock them out? Instead of me being locked up, all of these, aren't very hard. Just know, knowing. Yeah, nobody says, well, how can I stop this from happening? They wait until their stuff is broken. They wait until something weird has happened before they start thinking about it.

You know, I mean, some people don't even know how to delete posts from other people or their themselves. It's like they posted something. They don't know how to delete it. Crazy. Tighten up your sentence. Number seven of the eight ways to stay sane in social media. Go on with a purpose. If you just jump on social media and you start roaming around and stumbling over stuff and Ooh, what's this?

Ah, ah, yeah. This is some nonsense. Oh, some guy is throwing a ping pong ball and he's trying to bounce it in the cuff off of like all these plates he's arranged in his room. You're watching a guy who is throwing a ping pong ball around a bunch of plates. It's kind of wild. I mean, you can spend your time invested in that if you want to, but sure.

There are better ways to spend your time. So going with the purpose, say, you know what, I'm going to jump on. I'm going to make some posts. I'm going to respond to any emails. I have I'm to respond to any DMS, private messages, going to respond to some notifications going to check up on my superhero news and post some of that to this group, et cetera, et cetera.

Go on with the purpose and. Put your phone down and go do something else. Don't keep checking your phone just because when you're just checking your phone, that's not a purpose. That's a, I hope somebody didn't call me or I hope somebody responded to my, my awesome post or whatever. Listen, two hours from now.

Your awesome post is still going to be your awesome post unless you're working on some kind of crazy branding campaign and you really need to be there as everybody responds.

Just you're checking your phone is not your purpose. So go on with the purpose, do that purpose and jump off. I guarantee you just, by doing that, you'll be able to, most people will be, we'll be able to cut down two hours of unnecessary screen time from their device, and you can find this on your phone.

It actually tracks how long you've been using each app. So you can jump on it, start a recording. How long. I mean, the system will record for you, but you can just start looking at how you can, how much time you're spending on any given app, Instagram, Facebook, whatever, and go on with the purpose to say, boom, I'm going to do this.

You get on, do it. You're out. If you haven't spoken to friends in a while you say, okay, I'm going to go check on Amy, Bob, Carol, Dan ed, and Fred. I'm going to check on these six friends, go to their page and then do something. Don't get lost in the sauce. Otherwise you'll go crazy. And we want you to stay sane.

And number eight of the, all of the ways to stay safe saying on social media, let people be people, people are going to do all kinds of stuff. Man, people are going to do nonsense, your best friends, your family, your children, your parents, your cousins, your spouses, your your next door neighbors. All these people are going to do stuff.

Let them be who they are, man. People, I don't know what you think you're trying to do, but you have to ask you to ask yourself, I'm not trying to change this person. Am I trying to lower their status or get above them? Right. Am I trying to prove something to myself? Whatever, whatever, whatever. There's so many different things.

We get tied up in what other people are doing, what they're saying. And it's natural because it's social media. It's like, did they like my post? Did they not like my post? Did they reply fast? Stop caring about all that. Let them be them. If they didn't respond, maybe sending another message or not, it doesn't matter.

Don't get tied up in it. Don't get an insane over it. Just keep thinking to yourself, Hey, there are people and I'm going to let them be the people that they're going to be, and don't get too wrapped up in it. It's not an on or off thing. It's something that you're going to have to practice over time. And you're going to have to figure out varying degrees of letting people be who they are.

You could start with something simple. You don't like this person's food posts. They always post about breakfast, no running. That's a better one. Runners always post their runs. It's like, nobody wants to see your sweaty self standing out somewhere saying I just ran two miles and they have a little chart and all that.

A lot of people don't care, but a lot of people do doesn't matter. But if it bugs, you just pull back from that a little bit and saying, you know, They like to post they're running. I'll let it be. I'll just let it happen because that's like ripples in the water, man. I I'm not, I don't need to try to stop that.

Just, just let that pass by. It'll be fine. Let people be people in. Let the liberals be liberals, let the conservatives be conservative. You do what you got to do. Build up your base, build up your power, your strength, make sure you're having good connections. Do all the positive things you need to do. Let people be people so really quickly, the eight ways to stay safe on social media.

Don't argue over dumb shit. Post positive over negative number three, don't name call number four. Make simple rules for posting number five. Don't expect protection. Number six, tighten up your settings. Number seven, go on with the purpose. Let people be people. So between number one and number eight, number one, don't argue over dumb shit.

And number two, let people be people just by doing those alone. Oh, and don't name, call, maybe. So that one in there as an honorable mention. But if you follow those two, don't argue over dumb shit and let people be people you will be much better off and much healthier. All of your interactions, but especially on social media, that is it for this one, Mr.

benja.com/email. And you'll be, you'll be able to get my email newsletter where I send out all kinds of Austin news. And you don't have to worry about jumping on social media to hear from me. So that's going to be it for this one. Thanks for coming through tomorrow. We've got show versus business with Theo.

We're probably going to be talking about for a little bit and see what's going on with this new world of. Interesting stuff happening in the movie industry. So see the piece.

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